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The Age of Ignorance PosterThe Age of Ignorance (a.k.a Days of Darkness) (L'Age des Tenebres)
      2007 | Canada | Laughs: 4.0 (Light-Hearted) | imdb: 6.9

This is a terrific movie about a civil servant who escapes the crushing pressures of modern decay by constructing grandiose, colorful daydreams. It's funny and has its shares of chuckles, but the humor is on the level of piece of chocolate that slowly melts in the mouth—not of explosive laughter. I never much liked The Decline of the American Empire by the same director, while I loved his Barbarian Invasions. The third installment in that loose trilogy is not a letdown. (Last viewed: July 2014)

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Some of the Cast of "The Age of Ignorance"

1: Denys Arcand (see other movies involving Denys Arcand)
>> Denys Arcand was credited as writer, director and actor.

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