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Blackadder DVDBlackadder
      1982 | U.K. | Laughs: 8.2 | imdb: 8.1
      wikipedia | dmoz

In season one, the Black Adder is a prince in medieval times. In season two, he is Lord Blackadder, a nobleman at the court of the Queen of England. In season three, Mr Blackadder is the butler and personal secretary to the Prince of Wales. In the last season, Captain Blackadder serves in the trenches during WWI.

I loved the series. My favorite season overall is season two, as it was consistently funny. Season three could have been the best as it started great, but it lost steam in the second half. Season four takes third place. The first season comes in last, because for my taste it leans too much on the old English tradition of theatricals, with its wild voice swings (and poor sound) that are hard on my ear.

Here are my favorite episodes:

1x6 The Black Seal
2x1 Bells
2x2 Head
2x3 Potato
2x4 Money
2x6 Chains
3x1 Dish And Dishonesty
3x2 Ink and Incapability
3x5 Amy and Amiability
4x2 Corporal Punishment
4x3 Major Star
(Last viewed: March 2011)

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Some of the Cast of "Blackadder"

1: Rowan Atkinson (see other TV series involving Rowan Atkinson)
>> Rowan Atkinson was credited as writer and actor.

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