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The Secret Life of Walter Mitty posterThe Secret Life of Walter Mitty
      2013 | USA | Laughs: 1.0 (Light-Hearted) | imdb: 7.3

A quiet man who daydreams of larger-than-life actions is shaken out of his routine into a life of adventure. This is a cute light-hearted movie, but certainly not a laugh-out-loud movie, though one particular scene involving a helicopter pilot did make me laugh. For me, it is Ben Stiller's best role since Meet The Parents. I like Ben when he plays a nice guy, but for some reason most of the time he ends up playing a jerk. The soundscore is all made of "big music"—the kind of music that seems designed to make you feel elated in front of the "vastness of the universe"…Not my thing. Apart from that, this was a very pleasant watch. (Last viewed: January 2014)

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Some of the Cast of "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty"

1: Ben Stiller (see other movies involving Ben Stiller)
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2: Kristen Wiig (see other movies involving Kristen Wiig)
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3: Adam Scott (see other movies involving Adam Scott)
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