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Bad Grandpa posterBad Grandpa
      2013 | USA | Laughs: 8.0 (Laugh Out Loud) | imdb: 6.5

Bad Grandpa will not enter the hall of fame of those rare comedies which, in addition to making you laugh, present a great story told in a wholesome manner. But it does belong in the laugh-out-loud category, which is rare enough in these days of gutter cinema.

Be warned that the movie is often crude. That's not my thing, but it doesn't go as far down that track as many comedies of recent years, and if you can forgive the frequent crassness, there's still lots to laugh about.

The plot is simple enough: bad grandpa takes his grandson on a road trip. But the premise is one I had never encountered: the story is largely weaved from a series of candid camera moments.

Nearly forty years after the South African Funny People, the candid camera genre is alive and well.

To watch if you want to laugh and are willing to forgive the occasional bits of graphic humor. (Last viewed: January 2014)

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