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Charlie & Boots posterCharlie & Boots
      2009 | Australia | Laughs: 2.6 (Light-Hearted) | imdb: 6.4

This is not the kind of movie I call a "comedy", though it is certainly light-hearted.

The two main actors from Crocodile Dundee and Kenny together in an Australian road trip movie: that's a big draw, a formula that promises entertainment, fine landscapes, a good yarn, laughs and lots of smiles. But I'm sure you sure know that when the studios think they have a winning formula in hand, they under-deliver. The landscapes are there, the actors do a great job, the movie is sweet— but the story is very thin indeed. The film cruises on the skill (or looks) of the actors and the beauty of the landscapes, which are conveniently devoid of the hordes of retired baby boomers living in caravans filled with made-in-China junk—the hordes that litter every Australian back-road these days. A silent documentary would have done the trick. (Last viewed: January 2014)

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Some of the Cast of "Charlie & Boots"

1: Paul Hogan (see other movies involving Paul Hogan)
>> Paul Hogan was credited as actor.

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