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EuroTrip DVDEuroTrip
      2004 | USA | Laughs: 9.0 (Laugh Out Loud) | imdb: 6.6
      wikipedia | dmoz

Joined by three friends, a young man travels through Europe in search of a young woman from Germany he's fallen in love with over email. I know this is not a movie to remember, but it managed to make me laugh many times, which is all that matters in this section—and very rare. There are adult themes and some nudity, but none (or little) of the crassness so common in contemporary comedies. I was reluctant to watch it as I thought it was a college comedy, a genre that doesn't particularly excite me. But it worked. I was in my forties when I watched it, so even if you're way past the years when some people go to college, consider giving Eurotrip a chance. (Last viewed: October 2012)

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