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Just Friends DVDJust Friends
      2005 | USA | Laughs: 6.8 (Watch Once) | imdb: 6.2

A young man whose best woman friend in high school was romantically unavailable to him as he was then dramatically overweight returns to his home town ten years later with a successful career and a model figure. When I got up after twenty minutes to pour a cup of tea, I commented to my companion that the movie was on the fast track to the "just awful" list, which disappointed me as every comedy with Ryan Reynolds I'd watched so far had made me laugh. However, around the thirty minute mark, the movie started making a spectacular come-back thanks to a number of situations with considerable comical power, such as a display of romantic rivalry straight out of Owen Wilson's humble display of exuberant skill in Meet the Parents. If they re-cut the movie, it might become a classic. It's really good value for watching once, and I might even forget about the awful first twenty minutes and decide to watch it again someday. As a side-note, it was a treat to see Hank from Corner Gas as the main character's best friend. (Last viewed: November 2012)

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1: Ryan Reynolds (see other movies involving Ryan Reynolds)
>> Ryan Reynolds was credited as actor.

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