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Meet the Parents DVDMeet the Parents
      2000 | USA | Laughs: 9.7 (Laugh Out Loud) | imdb: 7.0
      wikipedia | dmoz

A man plans to propose to his girlfriend, but first he must meet her parents. You cringe and laugh as Greg (Ben Stiller) does everything—wrong—to secure the approval of her tough dad (Robert De Niro), a former CIA agent. The movie has several laugh-out-loud moments, but it is also funny throughout even if you sometimes want to scream rather than laugh, as you watch in disbelief, horrified by how Greg's situation keeps worsening by the minute, fighting the impulse to cover your face as his plight reaches new levels of awful. All the minute psychological observations that build the story's tension and humor are right on target and make this movie a delightful little marvel.

If you've enjoyed it, don't miss the 1992 original.

(Last viewed: August 2010)

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Some of the Cast of "Meet the Parents"

1: Ben Stiller (see other movies involving Ben Stiller)
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2: Robert De Niro (see other movies involving Robert De Niro)
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3: Owen Wilson (see other movies involving Owen Wilson)
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