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Mark Normand: Out to Lunch posterMark Normand: Out To Lunch
      2020 | USA | Laughs: 7.0 | imdb: 8.1

This was my favorite set by a comedian so far unknown to me in a long time.

Mark speaks well-formed English at breakneck speed, a first sign of the intelligence that permeates his comedy. When I started listening, his accent reminded me of my partner's, a Southerner who has lived a long time away from the South: it turns out that he too grew up in Louisiana. For a primer on the Louisiana accents, see this page.

The humor tends to hinge on bringing to light the logical flaws that underlie positions and behaviors often taken for granted in our society, a vein that resonates with my own mental make-up.

I can't say that I laughed hard, but I sure grinned a lot, and, more than anything, savored the show from start to finish, despite the nod to more vulgar themes towards the end.

Truly thrilled to have discovered Mark — all thanks to a reader of this website. Looking forward to seeing more of his material.

(Last viewed: January 2021)

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