The Pink Panther Strikes Again


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The Pink Panther Strikes Again DVDThe Pink Panther Strikes Again
      1976 | USA | Laughs: 1.9 (Just Awful) | imdb: 7.2
      wikipedia | dmoz

Clouseau is now Chief Inspector of the Sureté. Dreyfus escapes from the madhouse, kidnaps a brilliant scientist and blackmails the superpowers to kill Clouseau for him—or else he will destroy cities! This film goes overboard in the sinister trend to turn Clouseau into an incompetent imbecile. Where is the charm of the absent-minded early character? Crude and cruel. (Last viewed: September 2009)

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Some of the Cast of "The Pink Panther Strikes Again"

1: Peter Sellers (see other movies involving Peter Sellers)
>> Peter Sellers was credited as actor.

2: Blake Edwards (see other movies involving Blake Edwards)
>> Blake Edwards was credited as writer and director.

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