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Sione's Wedding AKA Samoan Wedding posterSione's Wedding (a.k.a Samoan Wedding)
      2006 | New Zealand | Laughs: 4.0 (Watch Once) | imdb: 6.4

This is probably one of the better put-together movies to come out of New Zealand—the country's films are notorious for campy plots, scripts and production. Yet it's far from tight, far indeed from the heights of Eagle vs. Shark. The priest of a Samoan community in Auckland informs four notorious drinkers and trouble-makers that if they want to attend the wedding of their friend Sione, they will have to bring someone, not just a casual date but a proper girlfriend. The plot is dull and predictable, but some of the characters are endearing, and it is easy to smile along as the four young men's adventures follow their inevitable course. That said, I don't think that even the film's comical peak (the elevator scene) managed to make us break a proper laugh. But it's refreshing to see a different cultural group at the center of a mainstream film, and if you have any interest in Pacifika, surely Sione's Wedding will be worth a watch. Just make sure to pick a day when you are in an undemanding mood. (Last viewed: September 2013)

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