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The Change-Up DVDThe Change-Up
      2011 | USA | Laughs: 6.5 (Laugh Out Loud) | imdb: 6.3

This movie came highly recommended by a reader. After expressing the wish they had each other's life, two best friends wake up to a big surprise: they have swapped bodies! Dave is a work-focused lawyer and father of three, Mitch is a dilettante and a playboy. This movie made me laugh hard. It's not afraid to stir the pot with taboo subjects such as everyone's "perfect" babies. It contains adult themes on a similar level to Bridesmaids and Harold & Kumar, but it is almost never crass. The opening sequence does feature the grossest shot I've ever seen on film, but it's funny. If you can take a bit of foul language and minor nudity, this is a must-watch.

Edit: upon watching a second time five years later, I was a bit disappointed as the movie didn't make me laugh as much as I expected. Still a pleasant watch, but this may be my last visit. (Last viewed: Feb 2012 June 2017)

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1: Jason Bateman (see other movies involving Jason Bateman)
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2: Alan Arkin (see other movies involving Alan Arkin)
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