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The Day Shall Come PosterThe Day Shall Come
      2019 | U.K. | Laughs: 0.0 (Just Awful) | imdb: 5.9
      wikipedia | who was involved?

I forced myself to sit through the first fifteen minutes of this well-meaning but awfully written comedy. The dialog is overly campy and far off the mark. Looks like the plot had to do with some people being mistakenly accused of terrorism. Doesn't matter what it's about, this is a firm "skip".

(Last viewed: September 2019)

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Sixteen Candles posterSixteen Candles
      1984 | USA | Laughs: 4.0 (Chuckle) | imdb: 7.1
      wikipedia | who was involved?

With all those movies that depict clueless teenagers, wouldn't it be refreshing to see one that shows clueless parents for a change? This is exactly the premise of this movie. An entire family (parents, siblings, grandparents) forget that one of their daughters / sisters / granddaughters turns sixteen today.

The movie is refreshingly racist and misogynistic. (Before you flame me, remember that as a gay Asian female I can say whatever the heck I want.) (Before you accuse me of not being a gay Asian female, may I remind you how unenlightened a viewpoint that is and that what matters is what I feel inside?)

I should mention that the film is cruel with people who have unusual physical characteristics, and that it comes close to condoning the taking advantage of young women who are passed out from alcohol.

I'm not sure there was anything funny in the plot itself… But who needs more for an evening's entertainment than this comical time voyage to the peak of the era when straight white males ruled the Earth?

(Last viewed: September 2019)

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Slackers poster 2002Slackers
      2002 | USA | Laughs: 2.5 (Chuckle) | imdb: 5.4
      wikipedia | who was involved?

This college campus movie features a group of young men who have perfected the art of cheating and other scams. Threatened of being denounced by a fellow student, they agree to help him hook up with the young woman he has been stalking.

As college movies go, this one is fairly amusing without being excessively crass. That being said, it's far from being a side-splitting number.

(Last viewed: September 2019)

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Half Baked DVDHalf Baked
      1998 | USA | Laughs: 8.0 (Laugh and Smile) | imdb: 6.7
      wikipedia | dmoz | who was involved?

Three friends try to raise 100,000 dollars to bail their fourth roommate out of jail. How? By selling dope.

Many pot movies are hard to watch, but this is one of the few that stands out. Great plot, funny, cute, and pretty smart—except for the unnecessary crass final line. A fine piece of counterculture.

(Last viewed: Oct 2009 September 2019)

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Get Him to the Greek DVDGet Him to the Greek
      2010 | USA | Laughs: 4.0 (Light-Hearted) | imdb: 6.4
      wikipedia | who was involved?

A record label employee gets assigned the mission of escorting a particularly difficult rock star from his London home to the Greek theater in Los Angeles for a major concert. This starts out funny but then just turns into a pretty good movie, with strong and attaching characters, so you forget that you started watching because you wanted to laugh. Russell Brand, whom I'm never seen before, impressed me with his excellent, believable performance. Jonah Hill was very good too. Warning: rampant adult themes, recurring crassness and gross-out scenes, presumably to please the 21st century crowd. (Last viewed: Sep 2012 September 2019)

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Booksmart posterBooksmart
      2019 | USA | Laughs: 5.0 (Chuckle) | imdb: 7.2
      wikipedia | who was involved?

A pair of high-achieving female high-school students decide to break their self-imposed rules the day before graduation in order to experience the fun they've been missing out on.

The movie had a hard time finding its pace, but once it did there was no stopping it. I can't say that it made me laugh out loud, but I found myself smiling and chuckling for the main part of it.

Perhaps I don't watch enough contemporary movies, but it was unusual for me seeing two young female characters who were funny and smart, and I enjoyed that. I also liked that although at some stage two young ladies acted out on their mutual attraction, they were not objectified.

As a much older person, for me this was also something of a documentary about a generation I know little about. I found it surprisingly good, and even though it's by no means the peak of comedy, I warmly recommend it for its other virtues.

(Last viewed: August 2019)

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Funny People DVDFunny People
      2009 | USA | Laughs: 5.5 (Laugh and Smile) | imdb: 6.3
      who was involved?

A comedian at the top of his career (Adam Sandler) hires a comedian who is starting out to write jokes for his stand-up show. He has cancer but recovers midway through the movie, so we get a whole second film as a bonus. Not only did this movie make me laugh several times, it had a strong plot with characters that behave like real people (well, mostly).

After watching Funny People a second time nine years later, I feel that this movie is an underrated little gem.

First off, the cast is spectacular. Adam Sandler has some funny bits — and some that flop, but that's the role, a thankless one. Seth Rogen is at his best. Jonah Hill is thrown in as a two-pack bonus. Several of the supporting actors made a name for themselves as comedians during the following years, such as Aubrey Plaza and Aziz Ansari from Parks and Recreation. Torsten Voges (someone I'd never heard of) is funny as a humorless German doctor. Jason Schwartzman and Leslie Mann are perfect for their roles and keep the smiles going. Eminem has a short but terrific intervention. And as a late treat in the final part of the movie, we're introduced to a new character played by Eric Bana, who featured in The Castle, perhaps the best Australian comedy of all times.

There is a prescient joke about Robin Williams slitting his wrists (at around 19'40" on my tape, during Rogen's first stand-up set). There are many other things to like. Are there some things to dislike? Yes. But overall, this is a really special film which I hope I remember to watch again ten years from now.

(Last viewed: Jan 2010 July 2019)

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Long Shot posterLong Shot
      2019 | USA | Laughs: 3.0 (Chuckle) | imdb: 6.8
      wikipedia | who was involved?

A progressive journalist needs to fit into the square world in order to write speeches for the Secretary of State, his former babysitter with whom a romance soon blossoms.

It felt like a long time since I'd watched a Seth Rogen movie so seeing him act again was a delight. There were some funny moments — none of them of the laugh-out-loud kind for me, but enough smiles and chuckles to keep me going.

More importantly, whoever made that movie didn't lose the plot and steered that boat safely to port. In its handling of politics in this partly disillusioned world, for me this movie will be a milestone: the first romantic comedy of the Trump-Sanders era.

(Last viewed: July 2019)

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A Day Without a Mexican posterA Day Without a Mexican
      2004 | USA | Laughs: 1.8 | imdb: 4.7
      wikipedia | who was involved?

One bright day, all people of Hispanic origin (about one third of the population) vanish from the State of California. Through a mixture of personal stories and journalism, this film documents the chaos that ensues.

The premise didn't sound bad, but I was too bored to continue past the 40th minute. I'm not exactly sure what to reproach the film, but it was probably a combination of low production values and pulling the cord too thin, or as the vanished might say, estirar el chicle.
(Last viewed: May 2019)

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Ruthless People posterRuthless People
      1986 | USA | Laughs: 0.8 (Don't Bother) | imdb: 6.9
      wikipedia | who was involved?

This hour-and-a-half movie is about ninety minutes too long. It may have been okay in its day, but its public was a breed which has since vanished from this Earth.

Delighted that kidnappers are threatening to kill his wife, a business man does his best to disobey their instructions. Meanwhile, the kidnappers (a sweet couple) struggle to get along with their hard-headed victim.

There's nothing particularly annoying about the movie in itself — it has likeable actors doing their best. It's just unbelievably dull.
(Last viewed: May 2019)

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The Plank posterThe Plank
      1967 | U.K. | Laughs: 0.5 (Don't Bother) | imdb: 6.8
      wikipedia | who was involved?

I made myself watch this half-feature because it's supposed to be a classic, but it was clear from the first minute that it's way past its best-by date. The general thread follows two klutzes as they try to bring a plank back from the timber yard to the house they're working on, hitting everything and everyone along the way. This comedy's sub-genre fits somewhere between 'grotesque' and 'slapstick', two poor parents.

Between two yawns I was reminded of the time as a teenager when my host family in England sent me off for the day with a bag of chips and a sandwich which had a fifth of an inch of butter between the two slices of white bread. They used to lay it on thick. (Last viewed: May 2019)

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Top Secret! 1984 posterTop Secret!
      1984 | USA | Laughs: 3.0 (Smirk) | imdb: 7.2
      wikipedia | who was involved?

I'm no fan of the absurd as a sub-genre of comedy movies (the only thing I hate more than a bad Monty Python skit is a Mel Brooks film) but somehow found this production surprisingly tolerable. It didn't make me laugh, but I was entertained enough to watch it all the way through.

Why is it that this patently absurdist movie didn't repel me, what was the difference? I think the difference was that they knew when to stop — which is right away. Instead of laying it on thick after a gag, the camera and the action swiftly moves on to the next thing. Even though this still isn't my favorite kind of comedy, at least I found the restraint admirable.

Oh, the plot. Does it matter? Something about an American rock singer in an oppressive East Germany. (Last viewed: May 2019)

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Who Framed Roger Rabbit posterWho Framed Roger Rabbit
      1988 | USA | Laughs: 0.8 (Just Awful) | imdb: 7.7
      wikipedia | who was involved?

I avoided this movie for years as the sound of cartoon characters mixing with live people sounded like an awful premise, then a podcast of learned cinephiles convinced me to give it a go.

The first ten minutes were unbearable. After the rabbit left the scene I gave it a go for another fifteen, but the rabbit's return brought the movie to new heights of "can't watch" this, so I gave up.

This might be interesting if you're in film school… Otherwise, forget it. (Last viewed: May 2019)

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Never Goin' Back posterNever Goin' Back
      2018 | USA | Laughs: 0.0 (Just Awful) | imdb: 6.0
      wikipedia | who was involved?

Two deadbeat girls and their deadbeat brothers get into a lot of trouble. Gross, loud, obnoxious. This is the dark side of the spread of technology. Everyone can make a movie, and they do. An awful, awful piece of work. (Last viewed: March 2019)

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Don't Think Twice posterDon't Think Twice
      2016 | USA | Laughs: 0.8 (Light-Hearted) | imdb: 6.8
      wikipedia | who was involved?

When one of the members of a troupe of stand-up comedians gets a job on a comedy show, tensions arise among old friends.

Despite the theme and setting, this was one of these classic stories about friendship rather than a funny movie. Watch it if you're craving second-hand comradeship, but not if you're hoping to laugh. (Last viewed: February 2019)

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Pros & Cons poster Damast BascoPros & Cons
      1999 | USA | Laughs: 3.5 (Chuckle) | imdb: 5.8
      wikipedia | who was involved?

Two guys from different walks of life (classic 'odd couple' plot) get sent to prison by mistake (classic 'fish out of water' plot) and bumble their way up to the top of the pile (classic 'lucky dunce' plot). The movie started slow and never was very funny, but had just enough to keep me in my seat for its considerable duration. On a less relaxed night, I might have given up.

There were some chuckles, and the guest appearance by Jerry Seinfeld was an unexpected treat.

This is definitely a movie of the nineties, and that might be one of the things that made it endearing: it was a lot more relaxed that many contemporary productions.

You won't miss much if you skip it, but you might enjoy it if you have nothing better to do. (Last viewed: February 2019)

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Detroit Rock City posterDetroit Rock City
      1999 | USA | Laughs: 3.0 (Chuckle) | imdb: 6.9
      wikipedia | dmoz | who was involved?

Four teenagers must defeat impossible odds to travel to Detroit to watch their favorite band. The cast was good, the plot was tight by comedy standards, the pacing was excellent. I don't think I laughed, but I was definitely entertained. Thumbs up!

(Last viewed: January 2019)

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Election poster Witherspoon 1999Election
      1999 | USA | Laughs: 1.2 (Smirk) | imdb: 7.2
      wikipedia | who was involved?

A school election provides the chance to look deep into the personality of several characters — from an unsavory model student to a frustrated teacher.

At first this movie looked as harmless as apple pie, but I was surprised at how heavy it hit every once in a while. There were no actual laughs, but it was a pleasant-enough watch laced with a few chuckles.

(Last viewed: January 2019)

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Wonder Boys posterWonder Boys
      2000 | USA | Laughs: 0.2 (Light-Hearted) | imdb: 7.2
      wikipedia | who was involved?

Not a laugh-out-loud comedy but a light-hearted movie in which an iconic writer struggling with his second novel deals with his lover, his editor and gifted students of his.

I'm not usually a huge fan of Michael Douglas but he was perfect for the role, as was the rest of the cast, making this a surprisingly pleasant watch.

(Last viewed: January 2019)

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How High posterHow High
      2001 | USA | Laughs: 1.0 (Smirk) | imdb: 6.3
      wikipedia | who was involved?

With the help of a ghost, two potheads get admitted to Harvard.

Every once in a while, I try a well-reviewed pothead movie to see if it deserves all the accolades. Call me close-minded and conservative, but for me the two best pothead movies are Half-Baked (1998) and Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle (2004), and this film did nothing to change that view. I was given to understand that it was a vehicle for a couple of people I'd never heard from, and that may have something to do with its inability to make me laugh despite the actors' best intentions. It may have caused a chuckle, but in no way was it subtle.

(Last viewed: January 2019)

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House Bunny posterHouse Bunny
      2008 | USA | Laughs: 1.8 (Light-Hearted) | imdb: 5.5
      wikipedia | who was involved?

Evicted from a mens' magazine's entertainment mansion, a "bunny" finds refuge at a college sorority, where she helps unpopular women improve their image.

Plot-wise, this sweet and predictable movie has about two shreds, which in my mind is plenty in the comedy genre if the laughs are there. Sadly, I'm afraid that the main reason (if any) to keep watching is not the humor, but the glitter, curves and skin.

(Last viewed: January 2019)

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Horse Feathers posterHorse Feathers
      1932 | USA | Laughs: 2.4 (Chuckle) | imdb: 7.6
      wikipedia | who was involved?

A college's new dean must redeem the battered institution by winning a football game.

Every once in a while, I break down and watch a Marx Brothers movie in the hope that it will be the one that finally makes me laugh and helps me recapture my childhood awe of that comedic quatuor. This one was pleasant and made me chuckle, but no laughs.

I liked that the movie was short and that the whole cast looked like they were having a good time. But the humor relies on the same five kinds of jokes (puns being the main one) and that formula just doesn't work for me. In fact, I challenge anyone born after 1960 to point to an actual Marx Brothers sequence that makes them laugh out loud today — as opposed to when they first watched the movie as a twelve-year-old.

This takes nothing from the movie's quality: it is fun, well put together, and I'm sure it was hilarious when it first came out.

(Last viewed: January 2019)

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MacGruber posterMacGruber
      2010 | USA | Laughs: 4.5 | imdb: 5.5
      wikipedia | who was involved?

A CIA operative whose trademark is a lucky mix of brilliance and incompetence goes up against his nemesis, who has taken control of a nuclear warhead.

Is there a point in comedy that can be characterized as filthy, but not too filthy? If so, for me this movie hits that spot. Doing so, it also manages to be funny, but not too funny.

The night I watched this, my other option was a high-brow black-and-white movie with subtitles. I knew what I was getting into, and given the mood I was in, I had no regrets. (Last viewed: January 2019)

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Observe and Report posterObserve and Report
      2008 | USA | Laughs: 5.0 (Chuckle) | imdb: 5.8
      wikipedia | who was involved?

A shopping mall's security guard takes himself to be a supercop. At first the lead character's acting was so over the top that I nearly gave up, but in the end I'm glad I sat it out. Even around the 30-minute mark, you could be forgiven for thinking that the best part of the film is that its main character rides a gorgeous white-and-blue 1988 Honda Transalp. But the movie is unpredictable, and that is its chief strength. It is also short, as befits fast-food comedy.

There are a number of good lines, and I'm glad to report that there were a few chuckles here and there. Warning: this is not a family movie.

(Last viewed: January 2019)

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Johnny English Strikes Again posterJohnny English Strikes Again
      2018 | U.K. | Laughs: 3.9 (Watch Once) | imdb: 6.2
      wikipedia | who was involved?

As a Silicon Valley data moghul performs multiple hacks into Britain's national security systems and exposes the identity of all active secret agents, the British secret service bring former agent Johnny English out of retirement.

This was not the funniest comedy I'd ever watched, but I was glad to see Rowan Atkinson and the film entertained me more than the vast majority of that year's other comedies. (Last viewed: December 2018)

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Ten posterTen
      1979 | USA | Laughs: 1.5 (Light-Hearted) | imdb: 6.1
      wikipedia | who was involved?

In the throngs of a mid-life crisis, a Berverley Hills personality becomes obsessed with a woman whose face he has glimpse by chance at a stop light.

Although this was not a Blake Edwards movie of the "laugh-out-loud" category, I found it very entertaining. I loved the pacing, the dialog, the texture and the actors.

The worst part of the movie is probably its sexist posters: don't let that keep you away from this 1970s classic. (Last viewed: December 2018)

More About Ten:
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Destination Wedding posterDestination Wedding
      2018 | USA | Laughs: 0.2 (Don't Bother) | imdb: 6.0
      wikipedia | who was involved?

Two strangers who are equally cynical and unpleasant find themselves spending a lot of time together at a wedding, to the point of breaking through the point of repulsion. Not unpleasant but not very funny either, just a bit pointless, like the lives of the characters the movie is meant to depict. (Last viewed: December 2018)

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Bedazzled 1967 posterBedazzled
      1967 | U.K. | Laughs: 1.5 (Smirk) | imdb: 6.9
      wikipedia | who was involved?

A shy fast-food worker sells his soul to a very modern devil so he can woo the waitress he adores. The devil grants him seven wishes, but through some loophole or other those always come short of the poor man's expectations.

This was an enjoyable and fun movie, although not the kind that makes me laugh. Apparently much better than the remake, which I haven't seen. (Last viewed: December 2018)

More About Bedazzled:
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Smorgasbord Cracking Up posterSmorgasbord (a.k.a Cracking Up)
      1983 | USA | Laughs: 0.5 (Just Awful) | imdb: 5.9
      wikipedia | who was involved?

For the longest time, I thought that the frequent American sneering at the French for finding Jerry Lewis funny was a symptom of ignorance on the part of the accusers (did the French really find Jerry Lewis funny?) and of their lack of sense of humor, in keeping with the general lack of appreciation for British humor on the western side of the Atlantic. You see, I hadn't yet watched a Jerry Lewis movie, and I assumed that he had to be terribly funny in a way that most Americans just didn't get.

Some say that this film is Jerry's funniest, but it was one of the least funny comedies I'd ever watched, confirming part of the popular wisdom that I'd so long rejected. I still don't know whether the French find Jerry funny; true or not, the idea that they do is certainly amusing.

I'm sure the man was a genius of a kind and I'm glad he found his public. (Last viewed: December 2018)

More About Smorgasbord:
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      laughDB's full page for Smorgasbord

Crazy Rich Asians posterCrazy Rich Asians
      2018 | USA | Laughs: 1.0 (Watch Once) | imdb: 6.9
      wikipedia | who was involved?

An economics professor from New York follows her boyfriend on a trip to Singapore, where she realizes he's heir to a gigantic fortune. This is not a great rom com, but the theme makes it original. The title says it all. (Last viewed: November 2018)

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Stefan – Podgorica, Montenegro
May 26, 2020 - 01:57
Subject: The Naked Gun Movies

I was really surprised to see no The Naked Gun movies on this list or in the search box. In my opinion, those 3 movies are the greatest comedy movies ever made and I know a lot of people share my opinion. I typed the title in the search box and nothing appeared so if you haven't seen these movies please do so.
Travis – York, PA
June 09, 2014 - 20:01
Subject: Movie Screwed

The movie "screwed" about the butler that steals his bosses dog it's hilarious. It ends up turning into a big adventure that deals with theft, kidnapping, extortion (ransom) and attempting to get back at a mean boss, but everyone involved learns something at the end of the day about themselves and each other, all in all pretty funny. However it does start out a little slow.
Reply to Travis
June 15, 2014 - 14:43
Subject: RE: Movie Screwed

Thanks Travis, without your message I might never have heard about it. Will look for it! Wishing you a relaxing weekend, -Andy
Marsha – Orlando, Fl
February 22, 2014 - 18:14
Subject: Funniest Movie

I was surprised when I didn't find " Liar, liar" (Jim Carey) on the list. It makes me laugh over and over every single time.
Reply to Marsha
February 28, 2014 - 08:13
Subject: RE: Funniest Movie

Hi Marsha, Liar Liar is there. Is the search box not working? Please let me know if you find a bug. Kind regards A
elijah – clearwater fl
January 08, 2014 - 14:38
Subject: funny movie

You missed the funnest of all time: Old Dogs.
Reply to elijah
January 08, 2014 - 16:00
Subject: RE: funny movie

Hi Elijah, Thanks for your advice! I'd love to watch it. It looks like there are two Old Dogs. Do you mean this one or this one? Wishing you a fun day
faye tackett – illinois
October 08, 2013 - 13:55
Subject: you missed a movie!

Where is Mash? I think this is one of the funniest movies of all time followed by Animal House.
Reply to faye tackett
October 08, 2013 - 15:18
Subject: RE: you missed a movie!

Hi Faye,

>you missed a movie! Where is Mash?

I put Mash into the search box. This came out:

But thank you for trying to improve the database, always looking for things I've missed!

And feel free to add your comments to the Mash page, as my review only reflects one person's taste. :)

Wishing you a beautiful week,

AJ – Buffalo NY
December 27, 2011 - 09:50
Subject: Funniest Movie I've ever seen

Horrible Bosses is the funniest movie I have EVER seen! By far.
Very funny movies:
Stealing Harvard
Sorority Boys
Old School
Newer movies that were pretty funny:
friends with benefits
no strings attached

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