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About Ricky

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Ricky Gervais is said to have been born on Sunday 25 June 1961, which would make him 62 years and 8 months old (if this date is accurate and he is alive today).

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Ricky Gervais was credited as actor in the following film.
At the time, he would have been about 47 years old.
Ghost Town posterGhost Town
      2008 | USA | Laughs: 7.2 (Laugh and Smile) | imdb: 6.7
      wikipedia | dmoz | who was involved?

After dying for a few minutes during minor surgery, a selfish New York dentist starts to see ghosts who pester him to help them with their unfinished business. One of them leads the dentist to grow fond of his ex-wife. I liked this movie a lot. The story was good, it was well put together and it made me laugh. Ricky Gervais does not always work for me, but he did a great job, as did the other actors. (Last viewed: October 2013)

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Ricky Gervais was credited as writer, director and actor in the following film.
At the time, he would have been about 48 years old.
The Invention of Lying DVDThe Invention of Lying
      2009 | U.K. | Laughs: 4.3 (Broken Comedies) | imdb: 6.4
      wikipedia | who was involved?

I'm not part of the sizable population of viewers who hate Ricky Gervais, so I was prepared to laugh as this movie had a good premise: in a world where everyone always tells the truth, one man discovers lying. Sadly, the execution was poor. For instance, the truth-tellers in Ricky's world feel compelled to blurt out things such as "I hate this job" or "you look awful" without prompting when they meet strangers, which borders on the pathological, and is certainly not the same as not lying. The movie would have worked better if the characters kept their mouths shut a lot more, speaking when asked, like "normal people". From that basis, there was a lot of room for comical situations. Skip unless you're a huge fan of Ricky's. (Last viewed: April 2012)

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